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Modern Styles for Short Hair During the Holiday Season

Happy holidays: The most glamorous time of the year is just around the corner, bringing us the best styling occasions with Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve parties. Festive hairstyles are popular this time of year. Long hair is not a must – we celebrate the most glamorous short haircuts for diverting evenings

Silent night, holy night? No way, this is the time for grand and glamorous celebration! After all, there are numerous events full of atmosphere during the holiday season that we cannot afford to miss – because of the brilliant styling alone. Often the hairstyles play the leading role here. Eye-catching hair simply makes the best impression. Since length is not the crucial factor, women with short cuts also get their due. Fantastic looks are possible for the pixie & co. We present modern styles for short hair to put you in the mood to celebrate.        

Wave of Enthusiasm

The classy twenties style has many fans – especially women with short hair

Short cut deluxe: In the trendy wet look with a retro wave, short hair reveals its most elegant side. Only the fringe is wavy while the rest of the hair is styled to the side or back smooth and strict. Our step-by-step instructions tell you how to create this highlight yourself.

Short and sweet. Spice up the holiday season with these breathtaking short haircuts from our gallery:

Festive Short Hairstyles

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