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Short hair: from shaved to shoulder-length

Bye-bye long hair! More and more women are going short. Why? Because short cuts are super stylish, and they’re also extremely practical and easy to maintain. Feeling ready for the chop? Then let our gallery full of beautiful short cuts inspire you, and read up on which haircut will best suit your face

We admit: Taking the plunge with a short cut can be scary – but it’s worth it! Stylish short cuts can be transformational, revealing your face and making you ooze confidence. And the old stereotype that short hair will leave you looking boyish is long forgotten. If needs be, you can always further amp up the femininity with bright lipstick, statement earrings or playful hair accessories. Just think of the style icons Jean Seberg and Twiggy: Two charming short-haired women who became symbols of unique beauty. One thing’s for sure: With a short haircut, your face will come into its own, since short styles place emphasis on facial features. The best thing? Short hair works on oval, square, narrow and round faces: You just need to find the right cut for you. Women with fine hair should particularly think about going short, because bobs, gamine crops and their ilk can truly work volume miracles.

Short hair: New look, new life

Cutting off your locks following the end of a relationship or another tough life experience is not unheard of. Major life changes often provide the ideal opportunity for a new look, or simply the courage to go short. True to the motto “new look, new life”, short hair can deliver a not only a complete change of look, but an injection of freshness into your life. In the truest sense, a new short do can herald the start of a new phase of your life.

Step by step to short hair

Important to know: Not all short cuts are created equal. A pixie and a bob are worlds apart – not just inches apart. So, if you aren’t sure, and don’t want to dive straight into the radical – for example, a buzz cut – then you can approach your desired look in a step by step way, with increasingly short styles. Transitional cuts can also work in reverse when growing out a short cut.

Which short haircut is right for you?

Are you unsure whether short hair will suit you? This depends on several factors. Are you a rock chick type? A dedicated trend follower? Or are you a fan of classic style? Very important: A short haircut should fit your personality, or emphasize it. The right hairstyle for you will also depend on your face shape. For example, short styles suitable for round faces may not work as well on oval facial shapes. Here are some golden rules:

Round faces: A voluminous, asymmetrical pixie will make a round face look narrower.

Square or angular faces:
Undone bobs flatter angular face shapes, with layers softening square chins and fringes covering square foreheads.

Oval faces:
Women with oval face shapes can get away with almost all short styles. Tip: Asymmetrical bangs can make any short style more feminine.

Heart shaped faces:
A bob with asymmetrical bangs and wavy lengths will bring balance to a heart-shaped face.

Discover short cuts in a variety of lengths in our gallery. From radical to subtle, there’s a suitable short style for everyone.

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