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Your comprehensive guide: Short styles for women

Short styles for women are more hip than ever. But how short should you go? How should your style be layered? And what sort of styling variety can you expect? Here, we introduce the most beautiful short styles for women. Take inspiration from the short-haired stars featured in our gallery!

Taking the plunge with a short haircut requires courage – more or less, depending on your original hair length – and always heralds a total change in look. Short cuts are currently hot, so it’s worth considering going short. What gorgeous short looks are out there? We reveal the hottest short haircuts in our gallery.

Styling a short do

Remember this before going for the chop: Short hair often looks low maintenance, but it must be styled daily. Bad hair day? Putting your hair in a bun is not an option. But the styling effort is worth it – and with a good cut, it should be manageable. Tip: To keep a short look quick and easy to style, the cut has got to be precise. Regular trims (i.e. every four to six weeks) are mandatory.

Some golden rules for every short cut: After washing, always apply heat protection. Texturizing styling products help to give more grip and hold. Tip: Only use small amounts of wax or gel. Otherwise, the hair may look stiff. Better: Stick to a hazelnut-sized portion of product to lend a natural finish to hair.

Which short haircut will suit me?

When choosing your cut, first consider your face shape. Are you oval, heart-shaped, round or angular? Those with an oval face can get away with almost any short haircut, while other face shapes need to consider how a cut might best flatter their features.

To make a round face appear slimmer, look for cuts which frame and elongate the face: For example, a short cut with feathery bangs and thinned out, long side sections. Layered, side-swept bangs will flatter wide or round faces. It’s important that bangs should fall softly, providing some balance to relatively strong, broad facial features. Heart-shaped faces are flattered by short cuts with a lot of volume on top. This creates the illusion of a wider chin, bringing harmony to face and hair.

Gallery: Beautiful short styles for women