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Short and Sweet: Wearing Short Hair

Women wearing short hair may look feminine or stylishly boyish, sometimes casual and sometimes sleek. Whatever the style, short hair is alluring and sophisticated. Stars like Jenna Elfman and Ashlee Simpson take us through the gamut of short hairstyles. Contrary to widely held beliefs, women do not cut short their femininity along with their hair. Well-shaped short haircuts are sophisticated, they attract attention to the facial features, and bad hair days are a worry of the past. Now, what do you think of cutting your hair short? Please take a minute to admire our line-up of the most beautiful short haircuts of stars. The video by top hair stylist Armin Morbach shows you how short hairstyles are done

Quite often, we are even nervous about having the ends cut off our hair. "Please! Not too much!" We worry about having our hair cut by seemingly uncontrollable hands. There is also no reason to worry about looking too boyish. Short hairstyles look particularly sexy and feminine no matter which one of the many looks you choose. Whether you want to look extravagant and stylish or feminine and innocent, a short haircut can bring the desired result.

Short haircuts look good at any age no matter what hair colour. Even fine hair provides enough volume for a short hairstyle without spending much time blow-drying while pulling your hair over a round brush. It is very important to fit the short hairstyle to the shape of your head.

Rationales for Cutting Your Hair Short

Are you unsure about cutting your hair short? Here are a few good reasons for a short hairstyle:

A Short Hairstyle ...
1. ... makes you look confident: At work, women with short hair look tougher and more professional.

2. ... looks dynamic: Short hairstyles appear more dynamic. Subconsciously, people assume that this also applies to your character.

3. ... is versatile: Short hairstyles are incredibly versatile. You can style your hair in different ways as often as you like.

4. ... is easy to maintain: Short hair does not require much time for blow-drying or styling.

5. … reveals your personality: Short haircuts draw attention to your face and jewellery.

6. ... keeps your head cool: No heat will build under short hair.
7. ... makes you look younger: Dependent on the haircut, you may not need that face lift.

8. ... gives you a head start on growing healthy hair: A short haircut provides a new start. It is a radical remedy for damaged hair.

9. ... makes you unique: Women with short hairstyles are a minority.

If your hair is quite long you may like to approach shorter hairstyles gradually. Your first step could be a shoulder-length bob. If this is still too risky you may like to try a mock bob or look at your image with short hair in computer animation.

Tools and Methods to Style Short Hair

Few tools and little time are required to style a short hairstyle. Important tools are

- styling mousse and styling wax

- put away your blow-dryer

- utensils to style distinctive eyebrows

- wearing a layered hairstyle

- regular trimming every six weeks

Styling Short Hair

Short hair does not relegate you to always wearing the same hairstyle. You can create a new look every day. Hair clips and slides help to tame unruly short hair. Alice bands and hair jewellery create eye-catching style variations.

In his video, top hair stylist Armin Morbach shows how to quickly modify short hairstyles over and again.

The stars of our gallery line-up show you the most beautiful short hairstyles.

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