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Short Cuts for Wavy Hair

You have wavy hair and are considering a short cut? No problem! We have ravishingly beautiful proof that these two go very well together. You will also learn what to watch for while cutting, blow drying and styling so everything fits

The texture of your hair plays an important role when choosing a new cut. However, you should not allow anyone to talk you into believing that naturally wavy hair must not be cut short. That is quite simply a fallacy. Short cuts can in fact look amazing in wavy hair! And that is far from the only positive thing about the wavy and short combination. Here are all the pluses at a glance:

  • Thanks to the wavy texture, the short cut continues to look delicate and therefore feminine.

  • Just because the hair is short, there is no need to forego volume

  • The hairdo is light and comfortable to wear.

  • The look is changeable: you can emphasise the waves or straighten the hair.

  • Very practical: washing, blow drying and styling take far less time.

Find your favourite new look shortly! Presenting the most beautiful cuts for wavy hair in the gallery:

Short Cuts for Wavy Hair

In Brief: Tips for Wavy Short Cuts

- The wavy volume can be reduced a bit with slight layering. Then the hair dances softly around the face rather than overpowering it.

- The sides and the hair at the back of the head can be cut really short. However, the hair at the crown should always be left somewhat longer. That emphasises the beautiful waves and opens up a greater variety of styling options.

Blow drying
- A diffuser attachment lifts the hair while blow drying, conjuring up extra volume. The waves remain defined and do not get tangled.

- You want to straighten your hair? Then distribute some mousse in it and blow dry it over a round brush. A somewhat smaller brush is well suited here so you can wrap up the shorter hair more easily and get the tension you need for straightening. If possible, run a straightening iron over the individual strands as a final step. Apply hairspray and you are done!

- Short hair in the wet look can look super cool or also very classy depending on the styling. When gelled hair is kneaded for instance, the waves come out even more and the hairdo appears much wilder. To tame the waves on the other hand, simply comb the hair straight back or to the side.

- For a bit of variety, you can form a severe side parting which results in a major change by itself.

- However, you can also purposely define individual strands and thereby shape your entire hairstyle. Hair wax with a gloss effect achieves especially beautiful results.

- If the waves run out of steam, you can apply dry shampoo or volumising powder for added fullness.

- Clips, brooches and hair bands serve as exciting accents and save you on bad hair days!