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Pinned Up Styles for Short Hair

Short hair, grand entrance! From weddings to summer parties to barbecues – you are invited but in need of hair styling inspiration? After all, you hair is short and the possibilities are limited... Wrong. Presenting fantastic pinned up styles for short hair: braided, clipped, twirled and really easy!

This summer, your hairdo is the leading element of your style! From an open centre parting to the popular boho chic or a sporty braided hairdo (such as boxer braids) in the popular athleisure trend – you can set the right fashion accents with a suitable hairstyle.

But on hot days, pinned up hair is still an ideal option. You think women with short cuts don't have as many styling options? Not so! Sophisticated updos are possible even with short to mid-length hair. Sarah Paulson is a prime example. The actress keeps reinventing herself and her chin-length bob. From glamorously twirled to casually tied, her short haircut is anything but one-sided. Our absolute favourite among Sarah's looks for hot summer days and cool summer nights proves it: the wob with faux side cut.

Another benefit of pinned up styles for short hair: they are quick and easy to style thanks to the reduced length.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Pinned Up Style à la Sarah Paulson


  1. Knead volumising foam into towel dried hair.

  2. Form a low side parting, apply heat protectant to your hair and blow dry it. Run your fingers through the lengths rather than using a brush. 

  3. Then create gentle waves with a curling iron.

  4. Once you have finished curling, run your fingers through your hair again and shake it up a bit to make the waves appear softer. 

  5. Rub a pea sized amount of hair gel between your fingers and use it to style the right side of your hair back several times – only at the hairline, leaving out the ends so they stay nice and wavy.

  6. Secure the hair you styled back with hair clips, apply hairspray to the hairdo and you are done!

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Pinned Up Styles for Short Hair