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The Coolest Short Styles This Season

We love short haircuts! Considering a change? Now is the time to go for it! Short haircuts are currently in high demand. We introduce you to five of our favorites, and reveal who suits which look

Ready for a change? Then it could be time for a new haircut. Hot right now is short hair. Long-haired women in particular often have a hard time parting with their manes. But trust us, it’s worth it! A short cut is confident, modern and stylish. The main thing is to make sure the cut suits your personality, hair type and head shape.
Below, we present our top five short haircuts. Which is your favorite?

Our top five coolest short haircuts this season

1) The undercut

This on-trend short style is perfect for those who don’t mind a little extra attention. This look is most dramatic when the sides are shaved to just fractions of an inch. The hair on top of your head is kept longer and can be styled however you want it. This top section will look best when the roots have tons of volume. Boost your roots by massaging in some volume powder and combing the hair back. Tip: This short hairstyle also works great on women with natural curls or wavy hair. After washing, work through some curling mousse and blow-dry hair using a diffuser attachment. Define individual curls with hair wax. The wilder the finish, the cooler the look.

2) Short and curly

It’s an old myth that needs to be busted: That women with curls can’t wear their hair short. Not so! Wild, natural looks are totally on trend. The great thing about a short haircut for curly girls: Your curls can look even better than when they’re long, because with less weight comes more bounce. Tip: Ask your hairdresser for advice on which cut will suit you, then styling should be easy. After washing, add a little mousse or curl balm into hair, knead it to add texture while you’re blow-drying (or just let is air-dry!) – all done.

3) Cropped bob

This sophisticated look suits women with a minimalist style. The cropped bob is a precise cut featuring clean contours. The hair needs to have some fullness so that the cut falls well. Particularly hot right now: A cropped bob in bright platinum, or metallic nuances like copper red. Bangs can be about the same length as the rest of the hair or cut shorter – try micro bangs!

4) The pixie

The pixie is a true classic among short haircuts. It comes in countless variations, so it can be adapted for different hair types. Got fine hair? This look is perfect for you! The coolest pixies of the moment are layered on top and styled messily. Tip: Use a gel or wax with a matt finish to style your pixie for an ultra-modern look.

5) The buzz cut

Ready for an extreme change? Then the buzz cut could be THE short haircut for you. Typically, a buzz cut sees hair shaved to mere fractions of an inch long. Tip: Want to make it even more extravagant? Color that stubble! Try ultra-cool pastel shades of purple or pink.