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The Gatsby Style

1920s fashions and styles keep coming back over and again. The change of sentiments, conventions, and fashion in the 1920 attracts interest and provides endless ideas for theme parties. We explain the Gatsby style and show suitable hairstyles from the Roaring Twenties

Certain fashion phenomena are interesting enough to be revived several times. This is certainly true for the fashion and hair fashion of the Roaring Twenties. Today, we add a smidgeon of modern sophistication into the mix. Finger waves for example are now flexible and move in supple waves. New cutting techniques give Eton crops a modern flair. Updos are casually styled. Enjoy the photos of 1920s hair fashions in our gallery.

The Glamorous, Sparkling, and Eccentric Gatsby Style

Actress Louise Brooks made the short bob popular. Countless women imitated her style. Even in our days, 1920s hair fashions inspire our hairstyle choices. Coco Chanel’s ‘little black dress’ is still part of almost every modern woman’s wardrobe. In the Roaring Twenties, the demure little black dress was just the backdrop for long chains, sparkling accessories, and sassy hair jewellery. Use any of these style elements to bring the 1920s style back to life. Give your creativity free reign for a ‘Great Gatsby’ theme party or use select 1920s style elements and hairstyles to spice up work days.

From Gatsby Style to Flapper

Genuine flappers own at least some of these fashion items and accessories: sequins, man-style shoes, fringes, silk stockings, and dresses with low waists. The affluent Great Gatsby certainly appreciated stylish decadence. Gatsby girls are free to wear opulent jewellery and extravagant accessories. Makeup for the Gatsby style should be elegant with supple complexion, cherry-red lips, wide eyelid lines, and glittering eye shadow.  

Tip: For modern workaday retro-style versions select either 1920s fashion or a Gatsby hairstyle.

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