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Festive Short Hairstyles

The year nears its end. Soon the year-end holidays and celebrations will be upon us. Have you already decided on a festive hairstyle for gatherings with family and friends? Let your imagination go wild so that you do not miss any of the amazing options like sleek styles, beach waves, curls, fancy hair colours, and accessories. This time, we focus on styling short hair for holidays and parties. We also include the small styling details, which give short hairstyles the final touch.

Festive Hairstyles – The Glamorous Pixie

Ginnifer Goodwin (see the photo above) dressed up her trendy short pixie by styling the slightly longer top hair into fringes across her forehead. This simple short pixie does not need fancy twirls to show style and have appeal. Add a little charm and raise your glass to your guests. It does not get better than that!

Styling Instructions for the Pixie with Long Full Fringes:

Distribute some hair gel on your fingers. Then use your fingers to style the covering hair forward and across your forehead. Extra gloss hairspray gives the pixie with fringes its lustre and elegance.

Festive Hairstyles - The Sleek Style

Festive Short Hairstyles

Festive occasions call for more than the everyday practical hairstyle. The sleek styling turns Amber Valetta’s short hair into an elegant party hairstyle. The hair is combed into the face and straight down. The style is perfect for the Christmas party in the office. It shows a sense of style, confidence, and the courage to try something new when the occasion calls for it.

Left: Amber Valetta wears her short hair sleek. To give her hairstyle the special kick she combs all her top hair straight into her face

Styling Instructions for the Sleek Short Hairstyle:

Apply heat protectant into your towel-dry hair and comb all your hair straight down and straight over the forehead from the crown of your head. Straighten your hair by blow-drying it while pulling it over a small round brush. Use a flat iron if you want to reduce the hair volume. Extra-gloss hairspray provides extra shine.

Festive Hairstyles – Beach Waves and Side Parting

Festive Short Hairstyles

Beach waves are all the rage in hair styling. Volumising powder emphasises the fresh and casual nature of this style. This hairstyle is perfect for the family Christmas dinner. The feminine wavy style appears open, light-hearted, and friendly.

Left: Charlize Theron styled beach waves into her short hair. The side parting and the naturally looking waves create a friendly and feminine appearance

Styling Instructions for the Short Hairstyles with Beach Waves:

Work a tennis ball-sized dollop of volumising mousse through your towel-dry hair and blow-dry it. Apply heat protectant spray before using a curling iron to style waves of different sizes. Finally apply volumising powder to the root portion of your hair to add as much volume as possible.