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Perfectly Done: Evening Styles for Short Hair

Short hair always looks the same. Seriously, have you looked at the new short haircuts lately? Creative evening styles turn short hair into glamorous head-turners. The look is right for (almost) every occasion

Twiggy made the style popular in the 1960s. Her pixie style started a hair revolution at a time when not only hair but also skirts were cut shorter and shorter. Courageous women started to wear short, and to this day short hair is very popular. Stars like Carey Mulligan certainly prove that point. Aside from an exacting haircut, very short hair requires the wearer to have a good deal of confidence to go with the trendy razor short hair. The payoff is a multi-facetted hair style with plenty of opportunities for glamorous expressions of personal style in the evening.

Styling Short Hair for the Evening

Whether you use gel for a sleek combed back hair style or whether you allow long full fringes to fall into your face for a bevelled look, it is quite simple to turn any short haircut into a glamorous expression of style for the evening. Remember, the tousled pixie cut is right for the evening as well. It will be an appealing contrast to an evening gown. Large beautiful ear ornaments look even more impressive on women with stylish short hair.

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