Woman with black short haircut
Hair Styling | Short hair

Cropped styles: Short and sweet

Elegant, androgynous, casual, sexy – on-trend short crops can impart all these different looks. A short hairstyle can provide variety and draw attention to your face. We reveal the benefits of going short, and the importance of good styling

Woman with blue buzzcut

Direct from the streets of New York: A buzz cut looks even cooler dyed blue.

Many women are concerned that a short haircut will make them appear masculine. However, short cuts can be very sexy, feminine and provide a variety of styling options. Also, in 2017, short hair is very much back in style. Dramatic, trendy, feminine and charming – all these looks can be styled with just one cut.

A stylish short haircut can work for all ages and hair colors. Going short is also ideal for fine hair, allowing opportunities for more volume without a lot of blow drying. Important: A short style should always be selected based on what works best for the wearer’s face and head shape.

Why a short haircut?

Not sure if you should make the leap from long to short? Here are some good reasons why:

  1. Short hair shows confidence: Particularly at work, short-haired women impart a serious, strong vibe.
  2. Short hair is dynamic: A trendy short haircut makes the wearer seems bright and alert – this is how others will perceive you.
  3. Short hair is versatile: Short hair is incredibly changeable – not only the details of the cut, but also the way it can be styled.
  4. Short hair provides focus: All eyes will be on your face and neck – or your bright red lips and statement necklace.
  5. Short hair is cool: Enjoy the breeze in summer – no more sweating under a long mane.
  6. Short hair is youthful: If styled right – for example, into a trendy, voluminous quiff – short hair can knock a good few years off your look.
  7. Short hair provides a fresh start: If hair is badly damaged, sometimes only a radical cut will help. Or perhaps a new life stage awaits you – a new short style can provide fresh energy for this, too.
Woman with choppy lob

A perfect alternative to very short hair: A stylish choppy lob, as spotted in New York City.

If you have very long hair, try testing out a shorter look with one of the many bob options on offer. Currently hot is the long bob, aka “lob”: Why not try a tousled lob or choppy lob?

Short hair: How to style it

Woman with styled short haircut

The best accessory for every short haircut? A bright smile!

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t create a new look every day! Hairpins and clips help rearrange your look, and accessories like headbands provide variety.

Short haircut with hairband

Headbands are currently experiencing a comeback.

After washing, use mousse for better hold. Then blow dry hair using a circular or paddle brush. Professional tip for even more volume at the roots: Use a fine plastic comb to lift roots, and blow dry roots while combing through.

For hold and finish, use a little hair spray or gloss spray. This will help maintain your style until the next wash. And, for a quick freshen-up and more volume, use a dry shampoo.