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Vintage ‘70s: the best outfits and hairstyles

The ‘70s are remembered for disco music, hippies and glam rock! Original, colorful and always a bit over the top – that was the defining style of the seventies. Today, the ‘70s comeback is in full swing, but it’s a tad simpler and more elegant this time round. We show you how to wear your hair to fit the more modern ‘70s look.

ABBA, Donna Summer and the Rolling Stones: the icons of the typical ‘70s style. Flower-power, big curls, layered haircuts and a certain bohemian flair. These looks work just as well today – if you add a modern slant. It’s easy to pull it off if you know how – and we do! Get inspiration from our trip down memory lane into vintage ‘70s.

‘70s style: how to make the modern retro look work for you

The fashion: original, edgy and flamboyant. The ‘70s were just as much about strong colors, flashy patterns and solid fabrics as big collars, short skirts and platform shoes. A relic from the disco days: shiny fabrics and flashy sequins. Psychedelic prints, floral and batik patterns, along with long flowing feminine dresses remind us of the hippy from back in the day. The seventies were also the era of the popular glam-rock movement, which gave us leather, studs and the worn-in look.


The hair: While the crazy mix of colors, patterns, textures and fabrics made the outfits eye-catching and flashy, the hair was rather tame in comparison. Instead of perfectly blow-dried and styled hair, the cool undone look was on trend. On top of a simple turtleneck, monochrome suit, large lapels and flared trousers or a tie-neck blouse, the hairstyle easily became the highlight – as a full mane of wild and curly hair.


The make-up: Smokey eyes or the nude look offsets the ‘70s-inspired style perfectly. Bright lipstick gives a fresh edge, but also a more feminine and elegant note.

Slideshow: ‘70s hair and outfit