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1970s Hairstyles and Outfits

The 1970s are known for discos, hippies, and glam rock. Young people shook up society with their creative, unique and colourful but sometimes over the top fashion and hairstyle choices. Today’s 1970s retro style is slightly cleaner and may even show hints of elegance. We show suitable hairstyles for the updated 1970s retro fashion

Thinking of the Swedish pop group ABBA, Donna Summer, and the Rolling Stones brings back icons of the 1970s. Now, imagine flower power outfits, large curls, layered haircuts and a Bohemian lifestyle and you are back in the 1970s. Take a trip with us through the wild Seventies and enjoy the period hairstyles and outfits in our gallery!

Gallery: 1970s Hairstyles and Outfits

1970s Styles: Creating the Modern Retro-Style Version

Fashion: Outfits were unique, off-kilter and hard to overlook. In the 1970s, people loved saturated colours, flamboyant patterns, and durable materials. Fashionable outfits included large collars, short skirts, and platform shoes. Disco-style clothing with shiny materials and sequins were also quite popular in the 1970s. Hippies made the case for flower prints, batik prints, and fluttery dresses. Disco-styles were inspired by the 1970s glam rock bands with their rivet-studded leather outfits and grungy styles.

Hairstyles: Outfits in flamboyant colours or ostentatious make are ideally counter-balanced with plain hairstyles while the hairstyle should be the highlight if the colours and patterns of the outfit are plain or subdued (e. g. plain business suits, delicate blouses or simple dresses).

Makeup: Nude makeup, red lips and profligate smokey eyes fit the 1970s style perfectly. Dependent on the application, the result can be elegant, soft or feminine.