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First-Rate Hairdressers

Hair colouring experts in Schwarzkopf Professional salons are of tremendous help when it comes to selecting the most suitable hair colour and best colouring method for your hair. We like to introduce to you our first-rate Schwarzkopf Professional Salons around the world, which offer hair colouring services with dazzling results. Your hair will shimmer in the colour of your choice with ultimate depth and glow

Colouring your hair will change your look. Hair colours may be charismatic, inspiring, overwhelming, seductive or amazing. Colour gives wings to the imagination. The diligent and imaginative use of colour is also the key to a hairdresser’s success. Many creative hair care experts offer up-to-date professional colouring services. Hair colouring provides ample opportunities to showcase the brilliance and experience of hair experts. A few hair colouring salons stand out in the international field. We like to describe the most remarkable among the first rate international hair colouring salons.

assembly hair, Sunshine Coast / Australia

First-Rate Hairdressers

Hair salon owner Matt Clements is the Australian colour ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional since 2010. His special talent is the integration of fashion trends into his colouring ideas. In his salon, the outstanding colouring artist created his very own ambience. His eye for beauty and design earned him his place as finalist in the competition for the 'Best New Salon Design'.

Special Hair Colouring Services:
Matt Clements offers permanent hair colouring, foil streaks, highlights throughout the entire hair, and also free-hand techniques and semi-permanent hair colour glazing.

Address: 166/170 Alexandra Parade, Alexandra Headland QLD 4572, Australia

baSH DAY 7th Floor, Munich / Germany

First-Rate Hairdressers

In this salon, classy services are offered in a private setting. An exclusive roof terrace is part of the salon. Here you can enjoy fabulous views over Munich. The team of hairdressers takes pride in the creation of unconventional styles. Despite the casual style, you will find the highest degree of professionalism.

Special Hair Colouring Services: The salon uses the baSH Flames method to compete with the sun for the creation of beautiful highlights. Visit the salon for the most dazzling blonde.

Address: Sonnenstrasse 29, 7th floor, D-80331 München / Deutschland (Munich, Germany)

hairgott, Graz / Austria

First-Rate Hairdressers

So far, this salon has already won two 'Hairdresser of the Year' awards. The salon design is minimalistic but the program offers everything discerning clients can ask for: premium products as well as individualised haircuts and styles.  

Special Hair Colouring Services: hairgott offers two tone hairstyles and various highlighting techniques.

Address: Schießstattgasse 8, 8010 Graz / Österreich (Graz / Austria)

Mahogany Hairdressing, Mayfair, London/England

First-Rate Hairdressers

Mahogany Hairdressing is the proud recipient of international awards. The salon earned these awards in part because of the innovative colouring methods and creative hair colouring results, which appeal to fashionistas and celebrities alike. Clients keep coming back for the premium services of the Head of Colour Tai Walker and his team.

Special Hair Colouring Services: The team helps clients to find the most suitable colour for their appearances and styles. Mahogany Hairdressing offers colouring services from classic semi-permanent colour rinses to the newest Mahogany Fashion techniques.

Address: 17th St George Street, Hanover Square, W1S 1FJ, London / England

M. G. Hair Design, Sao Paulo/ Brazil

First-Rate Hairdressers

M. G. Hair Design is one of the world’s top ten beauty temples. The Brazilian salon combines functionality with design, personality, and finesse. Salon owner Marco Antonio and his team use the most up-to-date equipment and techniques while emphasising beauty, aesthetic, health, and well-being.

Special Hair Colouring Services: Hair lightening and highlights

Address: Rua Estados Unidos, 1862 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Salon 52ème Avenue, Seyssins / France

First-Rate Hairdressers

The interior design of the concept salon is modern industrial. A technical services area in the salon is reserved solely for the chromo therapy. The team of professionals in the modern salon focus on consultations.  

Special Hair Colouring Services: The Salon 52ème Avenue team specialises in the newest technologies and stays abreast of the latest trends.

Address: 12th Avenue Louis Armand, 38180 Seyssins / France

Salon Utopia Medspa, Ontario / Canada


The Salon Utopia delivers the full spectrum of hair care and medical spa services for beauty from head to toe. The twenty members of the team were trained in international hair salons and offer premium hair colouring services. Even though the salon and spa are quite large, the personal touch of the family enterprise is alive and well.

Special Hair Colouring Services:
Premium hair colouring services

Address: 486 Advance Blvd, Tecumseh, Ontario, N8N oB9 I Canada


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