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Seek and you shall find: The best short style for round faces

Can women with rounded facial features have short hair? Of course they can! Properly cut, a pixie style can even slim a round face. Read on to discover more

What generally works for round face shapes are looks that are neither too voluminous nor too sleek. Perhaps some loose beachy waves, or a hot lob (“long bob”). But it’s often said that short styles often don’t work as well for round faces. Not true! A stylish pixie haircut suits round faces well, and can – when cut right – even be quite slimming.

Defining the pixie cut

The first time the pixie garnered attention was in the fifties, on the beautiful head of style icon Audrey Hepburn. Legendary versions of the pixie seen on model Twiggy and actress Mia Farrow also have a place in the hair hall of fame. The name says it all: “Pixie” calls to mind an elven look, and this is what the cut achieves for the wearer. A pixie cut emphasizes eyes and cheekbones, lending a certain ethereal, fairy-like elegance. The great thing about the pixie is its flexibility. It combines different hair lengths, with the sides and back usually cut very short, while the hair on the crown can be kept longer (up to ten centimeters) or shorter. This characteristic alone makes the pixie perfect for those with a round face.

The perfect pixie for round faces

In order for the pixie to make a round face appear softly contoured, and not add bulk, cutting it in the right shape is crucial. The bangs should be asymmetrical. The sides should stay longer, cut to lay flat against the head. These sections will frame the face and slim down round contours. On the crown, the hair can be cut and styled voluminously. This visually lengthens facial proportions.

To style this look, warm a small amount of hair wax in the palms of hands and apply sparingly to hair to add definition. Tip for extra volume on top: Use fingertips to style bangs while blow-drying (be sure to use heat protection spray!). 

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