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Prom Ball Hairstyles

Allow no limits on your prom hairstyle choices! Everything pretty goes from romantic chignons with accessories (Bella Thorne) to glamorous wavy bobs or mock bobs (Taylor Swift) to beach waves with braided strands. These hairstyles are fit for a prom queen

You have worked long years for your diploma. Prom night is here! It is time to celebrate your achievement! The prom outfit and hairstyle must be special for this occasion. It is your chance to show your style.

Today’s Prom Ball Hairstyles Show Style and Creativity

While the prom ball may be organised by the school, neither your outfit, nor your accessories and hairstyle are graded. Forget about teachers and the in-crowd, enjoy your prom night the way you envisioned it. Above all, show your creativity in style and hairstyle and enjoy this milestone event!

How about wearing a glamorous mock bob with glamour waves? A curling iron will help you style irregular waves. Gather the hair into a low ponytail, loop the end of this ponytail under and secure this end with hair pins. Use hairspray to guarantee the survival of your hairstyle through the prom night.

Braids are also prom ball favourites. However, they should not look stiff. Undone braids are festive but don't create the uncool 'dressed up' style. Accessories set beautiful accent. Flowers in your hair provide contrast and delight with their beauty and colour. You may like to try a side-swept braided ponytail with or without accessories.

Hopefully, our gallery photos provide you with plenty of inspiration for your prom ball hairstyle. In his video tutorial, Armin Morbach shows step by simple step how to style a mock undercut.

Video: How to Style a Fake Undercut

Gallery: Prom Ball Hairstyles