Woman with dark half ponytail hairstyle
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What fashion-conscious women are wearing: the half ponytail

Make way for the half ponytail! It’s replaced the half bun as top trend and style icons are in love with it. Want to know how to do this popular new style? Read on.

Actually, the half ponytail is an old friend. As kids, it was one of our favorite hairstyles, worn with colorful scrunchies. Now the half ponytail’s all grown up just like us – perfect for the office as well as for parties and a casual look.

How does the half ponytail work?

Let’s do it! Grab a comb, a scrunchy and a mirror – and follow our step-by-step guide.

  1. With the comb, separate the top layer of hair on top of your head and at the sides. 
  2. Comb the top section backwards and fasten with a scrunchy. Tip: for the perfect finishing touch, hide the scrunchy with a strand of hair.
  3. For a more relaxed look, pull some strands out of the scrunchy.
  4. Fix with hairspray and you’re done.
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