The Most Beautiful Bangs
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The Most Beautiful Bangs

From micro to maxi, feathery or poker straight – bangs never go out of style. They just change their shape! We show you which bangs styles are hot now, and which will best suit your face shape

Bangs are a beloved, constant companion on catwalks, red carpets and at glamorous parties. They’re suitable for everyday wear and are wonderfully versatile. Their variable length can conceal high foreheads, give a face contour, or skillfully hide lines and wrinkles. Bangs can change your look in an instant. Even in-between bangs can look stylish: Short, feathery bangs become long bangs with the right care. You can even find the right bangs for curly hair. Let’s get started...

Bangs Style 1: Micro-Bangs

Woman with braided ponytail

Trendy micro-bangs match beautifully with a braided ponytail.

Ultra-short, straight-cut micro-bangs are absolutely in the spotlight right now. A little bravery is required to wear bangs this short, but you’ll be rewarded with a cool and unique look. Ideal for round faces, this look is visually slimming. It’s a great style for fine hair that’s styled straight, and an excellent choice with a bob or lob.

Bangs Style 2: Side-swept bangs

Voluminous bangs, swept to the side and falling seductively over one eye: This look is ideal for round faces, as it visually elongates and makes the most of those cheekbones. Fine hair will look fuller if side-swept bangs start relatively far back: This way, they’ll fall forward with some nice weight to them.

Bangs Style 3: Feathered bangs

This look is great for heart-shaped faces, making them look a little slimmer. If that sounds like you, keep your feathery bangs at around eyebrow length. Thin hair benefits from feathered bangs due to the light layered effect, which adds fullness. Feathered bangs worn to the side will soften a square or angular face. If you have curls, a shag with bangs is the best choice – this style sees the hair layered and skimming the shoulders. In this case, too, keep your feathered bangs at around eyebrow length.

Bangs Style 4: Rounded bangs

Woman with rounded bangs hairstyle

Rounded bangs are ideal for long, angular faces.

These bangs are cut just above the eyebrows. To style it, work through a small amount of styling mousse and dry bangs over a round brush. This look is ideal for longer angular faces: A voluminous fringe just above eye level will visually shorten your face. It’s also great for cleverly concealing a high forehead.

Bangs Style 5: Long bangs

Woman with longer bangs hairstyle

Long bangs are especially ideal for thick hair.

Generously long bangs, reaching past your eyebrows, can simply be blow-dried over a round brush. This style is good for thick hair, as the bangs will take a bit off weight out of your mane overall. Switch up your look by clipping or even braiding your bangs off to the side, or tuck them back under a headband.

Bangs Style 6: Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are cool right now. Ideally, they reach your eyebrows and are parted in the center like a curtain – hence the name. Most famous wearers: Then – Brigitte Bardot, now – Alexa Chung. Curtain bangs are ideal for thicker hair. It’s also a perfect transitional hairstyle for those trying to grow their bangs out.

Caring for your bangs

  • If you’re prone to skin blemishes: Blow-dry your bangs over a large, round brush so that they rest as little as possible against your skin. A hint of hairspray on the underside also helps by enveloping the hair and stopping it from absorbing any excess oil.
  • No time to shampoo? You can refresh your bangs with dry shampoo – simply spray on and brush thoroughly.
  • Practical tip: Blotting paper (found at your drugstore) can absorb excess oil from your forehead and help to keep your bangs as grease-free as possible.
  • Important: Keep your hands off your bangs as much as you can!

Styling your bangs

  • If you want to add fullness and volume to your bangs, work a little styling mousse into damp hair and blow-dry your bangs over a round brush. To boost volume and freshen up throughout the day, apply a little dry shampoo or volume powder to your roots when needed.
  • For an undone finish, allow your bangs to air-dry and then use some volume powder or dry shampoo on your roots. This is a great way to style feathered bangs.
  • If you prefer smooth bangs, blow-dry over a paddle brush and/or reach for your flat iron. Remember: Always apply heat protection before heat styling!