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Stars Inspire New Hairstyles

Many stars like to experiment with hairstyles. Every once in a while, one of their hairstyles may strike the fancy of many and become a trend. Singer Alicia Keys, actress Julianne Hough, and model Heidi Klum for example are known for their qualities as trailblazers for hairstyle fashions. See whether the photos of their hairstyles can inspire your next hairstyle. We have left nothing to chance and included styling instructions

Today’s stars appear on stage, in advertisements, on billboards, on TV, and in movies. They are featured guests at galas, opening nights, and public events. Wherever they go, the public eye is on their every move and style. Many of these stars have a feel for style. They connect with the spirit of the people who admire them. Creativity and instinct allow them to adopt intriguing styles, which will be embraced by many. Their new hairstyles and outfits capture the style of the hour. These trendsetters spark the imaginations of millions. If they also have staying power they may become cherished icons.

Our choices of today’s hairstyle trailblazers are prominently the French actress Marion Cotillard, the stylish American actress Julianne Hough, soul diva Alicia Keys, top model Heidi Klum and styling chameleon Katy Perry.

Hairstyles of Stars: The Secret is in the Details

Styles often express themselves in details. Of course, on second view these hairstyle elements may not be details at all but rather eye-catching focus points. Julianne Hough for example did not simply brush back her hair to style a banana updo. Instead, she separated three side strands and twisted them around a couple of times before she gathered them into the banana updo (see the photo above). Alicia Keys showed her artistic knack by draping her thick braids asymmetrically on the crown of her head. Like many trailblazers she gets satisfaction out of experimenting and breaking ‘the rules’. Trendsetters are playful and effortlessly combine familiar style elements to new and often surprising images. Having the courage to implement ideas wins half the battle for a personal style.

We hope the photos of stars and their inspiring hairstyles will awaken the artist in you.