Hair Styling | Ponytail

Instructions for a Ponytail with Geometric Elements

The popular classic ponytail hairstyle inspired yet another styling variation with geometric details. We saw this new sleek ponytail version on a catwalk. The new style element consists of two wide strands of hair, which run from the forehead to the upper back of the head where they cross over and run toward the sides of the neckline. We show you how to style this exceptional low ponytail

Looking at the new ponytail hairstyle from the front you would not see anything out of the ordinary. In an austere fashion, the front hair is combed back close to the scalp. The hairstyle reveals its special qualities only from the back where two wide strand of sleek hair cross over once before they meet the side hair at the base of the neck. The side hair and the two crossing centre strands are gathered into a ponytail in the nape of the neck. The crossed over strands of hair are an exceedingly simple style element with eye-catching effect.  

How to Style the Ponytail with Geometric Element

Required styling tools:

A fine comb, hair wax, bobby pins, and a thin scrunchy

Distribute a small amount of hair wax between your hands before stroking your hands over your entire hair. Then comb your hair straight back using a fine-toothed comb.

Should your hair be curly or kinky apply heat protectant and straighten it strand by strand using a flat iron.

2. Separate your hair into three strands, a centre strand above the forehead and two side strands.

3. Now pull up the centre strand and comb it again before separating it into two strands on the crown of your head. Cross one of the centre strands over the other and secure the strand at the hairline at ear level using bobby pins. Then cross the other centre strand over the first one and secure it the same way as the first centre strand.

4. In the next step, the side hair is guided past the ends of the centre strands and over the bobby pins. The hair from both sides covers the bobby pins holding the centre strands in place. Comb the side hair and the hair ends again before carefully gathering all loose hanging hair into a ponytail in the nape of the neck.  

5. Use a scrunchy to secure the ponytail. Pull a thin strand of hair out of the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Secure this thin strand with hidden bobby pins.

6. Finally, apply hairspray for the necessary hold.

The above described modified ponytail is ideal for women who would like to add eye-catching elements to their ponytail hairstyle. This ponytail version will turn heads wherever you go!