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Stylish Ponytails: How to Wear a Ponytail Now

The ponytail is a classic favorite hairstyle – and there are countless ways to style it. We reveal the latest hot ponytail looks and how to recreate them 

The ponytail holds a regular spot in our hairstyle rotation: It’s easy to style, looks great, is guaranteed to work, tames hair in a flash and makes us look younger. On top of all that, it’s super versatile. With just small styling adjustments, you can wear a totally different look. No boring, same-old-ponytail look for you!

To keep your ponytail looking well groomed, work a few drops of hair oil into your ends before styling. A hair mask, ideally used once or twice a week, will keep your hair shiny. Tip: No time for that? Try a 1-minute-mask: These work quickly, making them easier to fit into your everyday hair care routine. Simple: Just like a ponytail!

We've put together some cool looks for you below. You’ll need hair that’s at least shoulder length to achieve most of these. But there’s also one style for shorter hair in the mix. Can you guess which one?

How to style the ponytail now

Video: Casual Ponytail

A sophisticated update of the classic ponytail can be achieved with a simple styling trick. Called the topsy tail, it looks elaborate but can be conjured up in seconds! Our video shows you how, step by step: