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How to give your ponytail XL volume

Fact: ponytails look better when they're thick but lots of women don't have naturally thick hair. Ladies with fine hair: of course you can wear a ponytail too! Read our tips and you'll be the proud owner of a lovely thick ponytail

A hairstyle that's just for when you put on your makeup and take out the trash? If there's one style that's been seriously underestimated, then surely it's the ponytail! Now at last, with its massive trend potential, this isn't just a leisure-time hairstyle any more – it's perfect for any glam event. But whenever you choose to wear it, remember that a ponytail looks better if it has lots of volume. So what should you do if you don't have naturally full hair? Put away your hair tie? No, luckily help is at hand.
Learn our simple tricks to turn any ponytail into a gorgeous thing:

5 tips to add volume to your ponytail

  • Tie your hair up into a mid-height ponytail. This will look better and more elegant if your hair is smooth. Now divide the ponytail into two equal parts, one above, one below. Backcomb the lower part at the roots and let the part above fall back over it. Fix with hairspray and you're finished.

  • To get more volume at the top of your head, work volume powder into the roots and backcomb your hair, starting at the roots. (This works best if you first divide the hair into several parts.) Gently smooth the backcombed hair with a brush. Now fix your hair up into its ponytail and backcomb the ponytail as in tip #1. Finally spray a few puffs of hairspray all over.

  • Before blow drying, work a middling-sized portion of styling mousse into the hair. Squeeze your hair between the palms of your hands while it's drying and finally comb just the top layer of hair smooth. Tie it up and you'll have a ponytail with extra volume.

  • Tie your hair into a mid-height ponytail, using two hair ties instead of one. Put a hairpin into one of the hair ties, push the hairpin underneath the ponytail towards the roots, and secure it beneath both hair ties. Do the same with another hairpin. This gives the ponytail a push-up effect, making it looks much thicker.

  • Here's another trick to give your ponytail some lift: gather your hair into a ponytail and divide it into two parts, top and bottom. Fasten the top part from below with a hair clip, lay it over the lower part and fix with hairspray.

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