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Forever Beautiful: Hair Style Classics

Did this ever happen to you? Your hair stylist convinced you to an adventure of a hair style and now you hardly recognize yourself in the mirror? The new look was supposed to be sooo cool. This would have never happened with a hair style classic!

Hair style classics to the rescue: They bring out our personality, they are timeless and versatile. Square they are not! Whether it is a bob, chignon or pixie, once we have found our style, we tend to return to it again and again. You are already wearing your classic hair style? Congratulation, you've got style! If not, you may want to give our all-time favourites some consideration.

Hair Style Classics: The Ponytail – Young and Charming

Ponytail, Angelina Jolie

We admire your profile, Angelina Jolie. The ponytail looks casual and very cool. The hairstyle favourably emphasises the nice shape of her head

The ponytail is every woman’s favourite solution for bad hair days. Ponytails look even more fantastic on good hair days and can be styled for a glamorous look in the evening. Two of the many ponytail variations are particularly beautiful. One is the version with the hair pulled straight to the back and gathered low in the nape of the neck. In our other favourite version the hair is gathered a little higher and the covering hair is slightly teased. In the latter version, the shape of the head looks particularly appealing.

The traditional ponytail high in the back of the head creates a very young appearance. This version only works with hair, which reaches at least to the shoulders.