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Curly bangs can look stylish

Who says women with curly hair can’t wear bangs? Curly bangs look great – and we can prove it! Read on to find out what to look out for when you cut and style this look. One thing’s for sure, though: it doesn’t get much easier than this!


Women with naturally curly hair basically have no choice when it comes to their hairstyle and can’t do much except have it lightly layered. True or false?

False. Granted, there are styles – the pixie cut, for example, or actually most short hairstyles – which would mean mass amounts of styling effort for curly-haired people. But there are also hairstyles which are totally predestined for curly hair. Like the shag – especially when it’s worn with bangs. That’s right, with bangs! Because the fact is, curly bangs are really stylish. 

Old friends: bangs and the shag

Alanna Arrington with curly bangs

The shag with bangs can be styled in a minute if it’s really well cut, as seen here on model Alanna Arrington.

Does this look seem … familiar? No wonder, it’s not exactly a new look. This is the cut worn by actress Jennifer Beals in the 1983 movie “Flashdance” with her leotard and leg warmers, hopping over the dance floor or practicing in front of the mirror. But though the dancing was hard, her hairstyle was easy, and is just as trendy and cool today. No wonder: the 80s are enjoying a huge comeback this year, not just on our heads but also in the fashion world – as was visible everywhere at the latest fashion weeks.

Perfect curly bangs

The best thing about this haircut is probably that it’s extremely quick and easy to style, and the curls fall beautifully. Plus it suits almost every woman with curls. The only proviso is that the hair must be very well cut in order to look perfectly natural and casual. The bangs should hang down to the eyebrows and should ideally be cut when the hair is dry, so they don’t end up too short. The rest of the hair needs to be about shoulder length when wet, and then layered. Important: the top layer of hair should be longer than the layers underneath. This gives volume and helps the curls stay springy and supple. Styling just takes a matter of minutes: after washing, work some mousse in to the hair, shake the hair out and then either dry naturally or with a diffusor. Tip: to refresh the style and reanimate tired curls, just spray some water into the bangs and along the length of the hair, and massage in a few drops of hair serum.

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