Half Ponytail with braid
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Braided hair trend: The Half Ponytail with French Braids

We love the Half Ponytail! And we love French Braids! Together, these two classical styles are unbeatably stylish. The great thing about the French Braided Half Ponytail: Both women with long and short hair can wear the trendy braided style

Since the Half Ponytail – a half-up, half-down style – made a big trend comeback, it's become more popular than ever with fashionable young women. This hairstyle is actually an old favourite, as most of us remember wearing it when we were kids. Instead of colourful scrunchies, we now use a satin ribbon or a simple geometric hair clip. French Braids are at least as popular as the Half Ponytail. That's hardly surprising, as braided styles are still on trend.
What happens when you combine a French Braid with a Half Ponytail? A stylish look, ideal for young women. Here's how to style it:

"Life is too short to have boring hair."

Super stylish: Half Ponytail and French Braid in one

Black Half Ponytail with braid

The Half Ponytail with French Braid is perfect for every day, as well as for special occasions.

French braiding a Half Ponytail made simple:


  1. Section off covering hair at the top and sides of your head, ideally using a tail comb.
  2. Pull back the central section and start braiding at the roots: Partition off a small section and split it in three.
  3. Now braid normally twice, and then French, which means: Don't just place the outside strand across the middle as with classical braiding, but always weave in a small strand from the front covering hair. 
  4. Continue braiding to the back of your head and tie the finished braid with an elastic. Use hairspray to set the style.
  5. Alternatively, pull hair into a Half Bun instead of a Half Ponytail. Set the Bun with hairspray


Tip: Light waves complement the look nicely. Distribute mousse after washing and blow dry over a round brush. Alternatively, use a curling iron to create waves.

Half Ponytail with Half Bun

Instead of a Half Ponytail, the French Braid can also be worn with a cooler Half Bun.