Woman presenting fishtail braid
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Hair Styling Instructions: Fishtail Braid

You finally want to try out the popular braided hairstyle for yourself? Then the choice is yours: fishtail braids come in many different versions – from classic to hip, from small eye-catchers to opulent works of art. We show you how these various hairstyles are braided

One hairstyle, countless looks: the herringbone braid can be styled in a variety of ways. We picked out three especially popular versions for you and reveal how you can follow the hairstyle trends for the fishtail braid easily on your own. By the way, what makes the braid special and gave it its name is the herringbone look created by pulling apart the braided loops. So ready, set, braid!

Herringbone Braid: Minimalist Evening Hairstyle

This hairdo proves that the herringbone braid does not always have to look playful: the typical, trendy braided structure is also well suited as an individual, eye-catching detail in a simple ponytail. How it's done:

Clear and refined in one: ponytail with tightly braided fishtail section

- Brush your hair out straight and tie it in a low ponytail at the back of the neck.

- Now start braiding the fishtail section. In order to do so, part the ponytail into two strands of the same size. Then part off a small strand from the section on the right and lay it across to the left side. Now do this the other way around: part off a strand from the section on the left and lay it across to the right side. Repeat this process until the braided section is about five centimetres long.

- Secure the herringbone section with a discreet hair elastic (ideally transparent or in your hair colour) and spray gloss hair lacquer onto the entire hairdo including the ponytail and fishtail element. 

Herringbone Braid: Casual Half-Back

You want to take part in the current braiding trend but usually prefer wearing your hair open? We have the solution: a mix of both! With this half-back, only the two sections on the sides that otherwise dance around the face are styled to the back and then braided in the herringbone style, first separately and then together. Step-by-step instructions:

You see yourself as a part-time romantic? Then the fishtail braid in half the hair is your style

- Work some dry shampoo into your hair for added grip, making it easier to braid and especially for better hold.

- Part off a strand, about three fingers wide, on each side.

- Now (as described above), braid one of the two sections about halfway in the herringbone style. To prevent this strand from opening up again, secure the end with a bobby pin before you start on the other side.

- Then bring the open ends of the two braided sections together and make them into a single braid.

- Secure the end with a thin hair elastic and loosen up the braid and open hair underneath somewhat by slightly plucking it out and apart. 

Herringbone Braid: Messy Style

Classic, fully braided fishtail braids are now presenting themselves in a new look: the hair is loosely braided in not one but two broad strands. Pull both braids apart nice and wide, it does not have to look perfectly braided and a few hairs are allowed to fall out. The way you wear it is the key: one braid is always laid forward over the shoulder while the other stays in the back. No matter which way you turn: your braids are all-around eye-catching. How it's done, step by step:

Gretel goes modern: you have never seen a herringbone braid as easy as this before!

You need hair that is more than shoulder length, or clip-in strands as reinforcements

- Form a centre parting and divide the hair in two.

- Make a loose herringbone braid on each side and secure the ends with hair elastics.

- Sprinkle volumising powder on both braids and knead in the product. This makes the hair look fuller and working it loosens some hairs from the braid – creating the popular messy style.

- Finally, lay one of the two braids forward over the shoulder and the trendy look is ready!