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What you always wanted to know about permanent waves

At regular intervals, the hippest hairdo of the 80s enjoys a comeback. This is reason enough to take a closer look at the perming phenomenon, and to answer five pressing questions about the permanent wave.

There is no other hair trend that polarizes as much as the permanent wave. While for some, the perm conjures up images of a scary floor mop, for others, it represents a unique opportunity to gain miraculous volume. One thing is for sure: women like Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City”, Madonna or Kylie Minogue have proven that stylish women can make the most of curls. Toying with the idea of ​​a perm? Then read the most important tips and tricks for a successful result.

Who can wear a perm?

In general, the permanent wave is a trend that women with long hair (slightly longer than shoulder length, or longer) can attempt. Very long hair (over 12 inches) and thick hair, however, are less suitable for perming, as such hair may more easily drop the curl and appear lank and stringy.

Is a permanent wave harmful to the hair?

Honestly: A permanent wave – just like dyeing and bleaching – is anything but a wellness treatment for your mane. For the hair structure to be altered, it is opened up with chemical ingredients, which makes it look dull and dry. However: Hairdressing products are constantly being developed and are no longer as harmful to the hair as they once were.

What kind of care does permed hair need?

Obviously, permed hair requires targeted care. You should use shampoos, conditioners and masks designed for damaged hair, as these will help hold the curl, supply important nutrients and encourage healthy shine. Tip: Only wash permed hair every three to four days, and use dry shampoo. This prevents hair from becoming brittle and rapidly losing its bounce.

How long does a permanent wave last?

After about two weeks, a permanent wave will loosen, with the curl losing about 20 percent of its tightness. In general, however, you can assume that well-permed hair will hold its curl from two to three months.

How do I style a perm that’s growing out?

Flat roots and frizzy, brittle tips: A growing out permanent wave is anything but gorgeous. A good way to conceal the difference between smooth regrowth and extremely curly lengths is to set the hair in large rollers and let it dry.

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