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Men like to appear rational. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that men found time for hardly more than one barber visit a year for the longest time. Haircuts had to be practical and ranked low in importance. Luckily for us, these times are over! Men’s hair is now a big deal and men are stylish like never before

Men are paying more attention to their hair nowadays. Only few stars and models experiment with their hair style and colour as freely as Jared Leto but still, the fresh winds of change are sweeping over the world’s red carpets and catwalks. While Johnny Depp likes his hair a little longer and wind-blown, Jude Law and George Clooney prefer razor-short haircuts. As far as style is concerned, we see no real consensus on International catwalks. Hair may be short, sleek with gel, in the grunge style or tousled. Whatever hair style men like, men wear. Everything goes! That seems like a great solution as long as men’s hair is well-groomed and stylish. Which one of the stars and his favourite hair style gets your vote? Please let us know!

Men's Hair Styles: The Looks of the Stars

The Best Hair Styles for Men on the Catwalk

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