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Cool Guys Wear Undercuts

Cool guys wear the new undercut with very short side hair and longer top hair. We show you how Josh Duhamel and David Beckham wear the undercut and how you can style your own personalised undercut

Celebrities like soccer star David Beckham draw attention to new haircuts like the now trendy undercut. While this has nothing at all to do with his ball acrobatics, he sure can focus the spotlight on the fashions of his choice. Some actors are probably known as much for their fashion choices as for the movies they star in. Josh Duhamel is well known for his style as well.

The current undercut is a courageous choice and particularly suited for men who enjoy the spotlight or are at least at peace with getting a lot of attention along with some stares.

What is special about the undercut hairstyle for men?

Undercut for Men

Soccer star and trendsetter David Beckham's hair is razor-short on the sides and long and tousled on top. His musketeer beard makes his swashbuckling style complete

The characteristic feature of the undercut is the short side hair and the longer top hair. In this newest version, the top hair is particularly long, quite tousled and sometimes includes asymmetric fringes. Some elements of the Iroquois hairstyle also sneak in. Hair colour, hair structure and styling add individual elements to the style.

The side hair may be cut very short with scissors or cut with a razor (like David Beckham wears the undercut). Originally, Josh Duhamel completely shaved his side hair in a quite courageous move. Meanwhile, his side hair has grown to short stubbles.

For the new undercut style, the hair in the neck is cut or shaved in the same way as the side hair. Alternatively, a strip of slightly longer hair may remain (as shown by Josh Duhamel). This adds an Iroquois element to the undercut.
The top hair for the current undercut style should be seven to ten centimetres (three to four inches) long. The longer hair is about as wide as the head or a little smaller and is combed back, gelled back or combed sideways with a side parting. Creating a slanted parting is yet another option. The hair between slanted parting and ear should then be cut very short and the other side should be long.

Styling Tips for the New Men's Undercut Style

It is quite simple to style the undercut. Only the long hair demands your styling skills. Undercuts look particularly attractive when the top hair has a lot of volume and shine. Here is how you can achieve this look:

1. Wash your hair with volumising shampoo or work volumising mousse through your towel-dry hair.

2. Use gel before combing your hair back. Alternatively, you may put some hair wax between your fingers before running them through your hair. You can tousle your hair for a very casual look at the same time.