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Modern yet Timeless: Short Hairstyles for Men

Some men keep wearing the same hairstyle year after year while others have fun surprising with new hairstyles in unexpected ways. Whether you like the comfort of the familiar or the thrill of experimentation, we hope you will find your new hairstyle or at least a hairstyle element in our gallery. Have fun trying or pondering our style suggestions!

Short hairstyles never really go out of style for men. Plain short hairstyles are easily accepted especially if they have a modern touch. They are neither dandy nor do they express contrarian attitudes; they are simple, practical, and manly. These hairstyles are suitable for home, work, leisure, and gala events. This explains why many men will stay with them for many years. If you like to look good wherever you go we have some great hairstyles for you!

Are Short Haircuts for Men Here to Stay?

The love affair with classic short hairstyles may be forever or it may only last through a specific phase in your life, which may last for weeks or a few years. Check out the photos of hairstyles in our gallery! You may rediscover how practical and appealing short hair can be. There are choices galore from Michael Fassbender’s short hairstyle to Leonardo DiCaprio’s elegant gel-assisted hairstyle to Charlie Hunnam’s tousled style. These short hairstyles appeal in part because they are easy to style and maintain. All it takes is a little hair wax, a comb, and nimble fingers.

Gallery: Short Hairstyles for Men