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Men’s hairstyling: Dos & Don’ts

What looks are currently in demand? Which products do men need for certain cuts, and what should you do with thinning hair? Here are important styling rules that every man should know

Men who rarely see the inside of a hair salon are becoming increasingly rare. A stylish hairstyle is now as obligatory as well-groomed facial and body hair. Follow our simple tips to better men’s hair care. Hair we go!

What you need to know about men’s styling

While in the past, men tended to put all their focus on washing and blow drying, they now have a huge array of hair styling options. Whether short or long – in is (almost) anything you like. For example, choices range from a precise short-back-and-sides cut, a la Jake Gyllenhaal, or a cool, messy, just-got-out-of-bed look like Johnny Depp. More “feminine” cuts with longer, shaggier lengths – think Owen Wilson – are also currently in demand. Tip: Your hairstyle should be suitable for every occasion – including work. Dreadlocks, punky mohawks and hairstyles incorporating tribal shaved patterns are not necessarily suitable for every workplace.

Helpful styling tools for men

In addition to a hair dryer and comb, a brush should be part of men’s basic styling equipment. Invest in a natural bristle brush, or massage brush with rounded plastic, rubber or wooden bristles. To style longer hair, men can also use a flat iron. Tip: A model with ceramic surfaces is especially gentle on hair. Use a heat-resistant spray before straightening or blow drying, especially if you have longer hair.

While you’re focusing on your hair, remember to tame wild eyebrows with tweezers! These should be regularly disinfected with alcohol.

With these products, every man can achieve style success

  • Short hair is best styled with gel, which gives the strongest hold. Tip: Use sparingly! You only need a small amount. Porcupine styles set in concrete are out.
  • For a casual undone finish, use wax or pomade.
  • If your hair is longer, it’s best to avoid gel, which will make the hair hard – and harder to style. Try simply using a few drops of hair oil on the ends only, to provide care and shine.
  • Exercise caution following gel or wax with hairspray: your styling may last longer, but this can make hair look greasy and unkempt.

Thinning hair? What to consider

What to do with thinning hair? Growth treatments or transplants can provide a remedy – but the simplest way to deal with hair loss is often a shaved hairstyle. Let your hairdresser advise you if this look might be right for you.

Bearded men are right on trend

Beards are very now. Three-day-stubble is sexy, mustaches are enjoying a comeback, and chin- and full beards remain true classics. What beard you choose depends mainly on your personal style. Let your barber advise you.

Facial hair care should be a high priority. Wash your beard with a mild shampoo. Tip: Since not all hair grows at the same rate, you should dry cut your beard as needed. Special beard scissors and electric beard trimmers can help.

For a well-groomed finish (and extra care), use beard oils and waxes.

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