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Men Love Wearing the Shag

The pop-inspired shag is the 2012 hairstyle trend, whether it is short, medium long, layered or tousled. Men everywhere embrace the style. We show you how male stars wear the shag

In the 1970s, shags first started to be the hairstyle of choice for men as well as for women. Mick Jagger, Jane Fonda and other well-known persons quickly took to the casual hairstyle. That's not surprising in view of the many advantages this hairstyle offers. Let’s see what the appeal is.

The Men's Shag is Back in Full Force

Shags are layered, feathery looking haircuts, which may be very short or reach all the way to the shoulders. We like the shag best with side parting. Of course, it has to be a messy parting to go with the shaggy look. Obviously, the devil-may-care tousled look is the big attraction. The shag stands for fun, openness, and youthful nonchalance. The shag even looks good in the transition period to another hairstyle. Men love the no-muss-no-fuss style.

Men's Hairstyles: Styling Tips for the Shag

Start with a shampoo, work styling mousse through your hair and blow-dry it. While you blow-dry, keep running your fingers through your hair to create the tousled look. Then use your fingers to shape your hair the way you like it. Allow the hair to air-dry completely. If your hair is thin you may like to work some volumising mousse through you hair before blow-drying it with your head hanging upside down. Put some styling gel between your fingers before running them through the dry hair again. This provides additional structure. Use hair wax to accentuate individual strands and hair ends. A full beard looks great with the shag.

Men's Hairstyles: Ways to the Perfect Shag

Gel and wax are not the only tools to give shags the proper structure. Streaks will do the same trick. Keith Urban added differently coloured streaks to his shag, while Owen Wilson used more subtle streaking in a nuance of the same colour for the same purpose.

We hope you find some inspiration for your hairstyle in our gallery of male stars wearing the shag.

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