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Trendy Men's Hair Styles with Side Parting

The new favourite element in the hair styles of male stars is the side parting. The side hair is cut slightly shorter than the top hair, which is combed sideways to form the hint of a quiff or it is combed tightly to the scalp with the help of gel. Below, we introduce different styling variations for the new hair style and show you how David Beckham, Justin Bieber and other stars made the trendy style their own

David Beckham is not only admired as a professional soccer player he is also a style icon. Women adore him. The men who do not (secretly) idolize him are still (secretly) watching his every move. That is hardly surprising. David Beckham is also a trailblazer in matters of hair styling. He does not only wear the trendiest hair styles, he defines them. Meanwhile, the ever changing hair styles with that certain pizazz and flair have become the hallmark of the dark blonde British star. Over the years, he bound his medium long hair to a cool ponytail, he bleached his short hair platinum blonde, braided them into cornrows, tried the style Iroquois tribesmen wore on the war path (actually he wore a tuned-down Mohawk style), and he used an Alice band to gather his hair. There is probably hardly a modern hair style, which David Beckham hasn't tried yet. It is hardly a surprise that he is again ahead of the new trend wearing a hair style with side parting.

David Beckham, father of four, first showed the look at the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. People may actually watch his hair style before they pay any attention to the underwear he models. His side and neck hair is cut short. The somewhat longer hair on the crown of his head is a little longer and parted on one side. His front hair is shaped into a smart quiff.

Whether the dress code is casual or very formal, the many hair styles with side parting fit every outfit. Please enjoy our hair style suggestions in the gallery below. We hope our instructions are helpful to you.


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