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Men with Quiffs

Body plus lots of volume equals lots of attention—this formula works for hair styles with lots of volume, especially quiffs. We will show different looks for male stars like Bruno Mars and give a few styling tips

It’s a wonder that the quiff is so rarely seen on men’s heads: This style stands out, catches the eye, and also increases height by several inches. The rare occurrence of this cut may be due to having to have a certain hair length, and a certain dose of courage.

Men with Quiffs: Who Offers More?

The best known person and well-loved style icon who sported this look was obviously Elvis. Current male celebrities are also loving the quiff, which shows the great variety of types of wearers and styles of different variations.

Styling Variations for Men’s Quiffs

Quiffs come in different forms due to the pony length and the close cropping of the rest of the hair. There are five things that people should know about quiffs:

1. If the hair on the side is cut really short, the quiff will be the dominant feature (like Goetz Alsmann).

2. The transition to the rest of the hair can also be soft (like Bruno Mars).

3. The quiff can be perfectly groomed or relaxed somewhat using your hands.

4. For this look, grey hair does not have to be covered up—in fact, it makes the look more interesting, because it provides bright accents.

5. An even more striking visual highlight for the quiff is when the hair is really shiny.

So much for the theory. So how do you manage the quiff?

What do you need to have a quiff?

Volumizing foam, a hair dryer, (teasing) comb, hair gel or hair wax, hair spray

Styling Tips for Quiffs

1. After washing hair, use volumizing spray on a ponytail and und blow dry the hair over a round brush from the hairline to the ends until it shines.
2. Tease and raise the hair strand by strand, using a teasing comb to comb in the opposite direction. Style the part and then carefully smooth it back.

3. Apply some hair gel (for a wet look) or hair wax (for a flexible, shiny style) on the hands and shape the hair into a quiff. Comb the rest of the hair into shape.

4. Spray the hairstyle with hairspray for a better hold.