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Medium Length Hair for Men: Go Mid-Length!

Nothing better than short hair? No way! Shoulder length hair for guys is hot again. Cool and versatile – cut or styled, the modern man’s mane definitely offers more possibilities than the short cut. You will find the best looks for men with medium length hair here

The leap from short to (medium) long is worthwhile. Men who have done it know: Longer hair, more styling possibilities! Layered hair, a fringe or styling the hair away from the face, redefining the look with a beard... The image gallery shows what 'more is more' means for men!

Styling aids and hair accessories

Once they arrive at medium length hair, men have every styling possibility open to them:

The styling versions:

Vary the length of the parting to change the style: Put it in the middle, on one side or lower, draw it exactly with a comb or style it roughly with your fingers!

Try a fringe! Short or long – both works with the medium cut.

More embarras de richesses: A layered cut or all hair the same length as a long bob? Pick your style!

A beard imbues the 'mid-length look' with masculinity.

Many football stars consider the hair band sporty – but this accessory also brings extravagance to the hair. For courageous men who like to stand out.

Hair out of the face: When the mane is long enough: A ponytail – or even better – tying a casual knot or mid-length chignon!

The styling aid:

The best way to achieve a wet look is with hair gel. The hair can be styled back casually using your fingers or slicked close to the scalp with a comb for a more reputable appearance.

For lank styles, hair wax is the way to go. Spread it on your hands and use it to accentuate the tips of the hair.

For an (even) fuller hairline, apply volumising powder to the hair.

With dry shampoo you can refresh your hair in between when there is no time for washing and blow drying.