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Men Who Wear Long Hair

Every now and then, men like to change their hairstyle. There are plenty of haircuts to try. After trying all haircuts from conservative to super-short, long hair promises the desired change. Are there any prerequisites for males wearing long hair? What kind of effect does wearing long hair have, do women like it and what are the best styles? We show you prominent long-haired men and help you decide whether long hair is for you

Long-haired men stand out in any crowd. Men have their own reasons to let their hair grow long. One very pragmatic reason is to avoid the barber shop. Short hair needs trimming and therefore frequent visits to the hair salon. However, long-haired men are quite likely also ready to stand out and have their own style. Long-haired men will be noticed. There is no doubt about it.

Attributes and Qualities Long-Haired Men Must Have

Men who change to a long hairstyle need sufficiently full hair and patience – plus personal qualities. Particularly difficult is the transitional phase, in which the hair is not quite long enough for sweeping it behind the ears. In this phase, the hairstyle looks and feels awkward. Only an iron will and baseball caps can help.

It takes courage for a man to let his hair grow. Long-haired men attract admiration as well as stares from men as well as from women. Wearing a long mane therefore takes quite a bit of confidence. As we pointed out above, not every man has what it takes to pull off wearing long hair.

Long-Haired Men and Cultural Expectations

Long-haired men stand out and for this reason alone many people in their environment have their own notions about long haired men. Dependent on the beholder, long-haired men are associated with rebels (unruly and unwilling to submit to societal norms), artists (unconventional and being different is his second nature), intellectuals (he is quite disorganised and does not bother with mundane attributes like hair), show-offs (getting attention is everything), free spirits (he has too much fun to bother with grooming) or pretty boys (with gentle or affected manners). Whatever the association, long-haired men are mysterious and often appear vivacious. Some men look younger wearing their hair long.

Are Women Attracted to Long-Haired Men?

The reactions are mixed. It is not hard to understand the sensuous experience of touching the silky long hair of a man. While men always loved long-haired women it is not easy for many women to accept a male partner with long hair. The idea that he may have longer hair than she does is still alien in our culture.

Hairstyles for Long-Haired Men

For a casual look the long hair of men should never look freshly blow-dried. Men should therefore allow their long hair to air-dry. This keeps the hair healthier anyway. Use your fingers to comb the hair. Individual strands of hair may be accentuated using wax.

Comb and gel should be reserved for parties and festive events. This allows you to part your hair in a straight line, comb your hair close to the scalp and sweep it behind the ears. Don’t worry if this slick style is not your cup of tea. The cool tousled look also goes well with your suit.

Men with feminine facial features may like to grow a beard to match the long hair. Whether you decide to wear a three-day designer beard or a long beard, the facial hair is going to give you the desired masculine look. Wearing a beard for a more masculine appearance is almost required if you gather your hair to a ponytail in the neck.

Long hair may interfere with athletic activities. Simply use a thin headband to hold the hair back or gather your hair in a neck ponytail using a scrunchy.

Whatever hairstyle you prefer, hair needs proper care. Casual is not to be mistaken for a raggle-taggle appearance. Simply wash your hair twice a week using lukewarm water. Use a hair treatment once week. If necessary enhance the sheen of your hair by using extra-gloss products.

We invite you to have a look at the prominent long-haired men in our gallery. You may find your new hairstyle.