Man with rockabilly hairstyle
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How to Style the Men’s Rockabilly Look

Not only did the 1950s produce cool young rebels like James Dean and Marlon Brando, it also gave us some really cool men’s hairstyles. We reveal who the rockabilly look will work for and how to style it yourself

Men, it's time to rock. Not just your life, but your hair, too. How? By wearing the cool – and hot – rockabilly look. Whether you go for a simple or extravagant version of the rockabilly look, this style always looks simultaneously done up, yet casual. Get the look at home by following our step-by-step guide.  

What makes the rockabilly look?

Thibault wearing the rockabilly look

Thibault, friend of #SCHWARZKOPFcreator Laetitia, wears a modern rockabilly look.

First, the good news: this special short style really suits everybody, turning your average guy into a rocker. Essential: that the upper lengths of hair are long enough. That’s what makes this look: the upper hair should be longer than the sides, at about three to four inches. In contrast, the sides are kept short.


Depending on your face shape, style your hair up or down. We'll tell you which look fits which type, and explain how to style it.

The rockabilly look is right for these men

The rockabilly hairstyle suits men with round, long or very angular face shapes. That makes the deciding on this haircut super easy: because it works for almost everyone. So go for it! Try this rebellious, modern look.

Style yourself rockabilly: how to

The first step towards the perfect style is, of course, a visit to the hairdresser: if they get the cut right, you’ll be able to style it at home in no time. When it comes to styling, lay the foundation while washing by using a volume shampoo. This brings fullness to the hair, giving you more to work with. Your hair will have better hold and can be styled much more easily.

Before blow drying your hair (with your head upside down), apply styling mousse throughout hair. This will help with styling later.

Now it’s time to style your look. How to wear it? You choose:


1. Straight up rockabilly

Man with pastel rockabilly hair

A mix of pastel hair colors makes this combed back rockabilly look extra cool.

Want to style it up? First, distribute gel or pomade throughout your hair. Then, comb the upper, longer hair loosely backwards. The short sides can be combed down. This style looks best when the sides are kept very short.

2. Rock it to the side

Man with rockabilly hairstyle and sunglasses

Essential for the side-styled rockabilly: a clean, sharp side parting.

To style your rockabilly to the side, first create a side part. This should start in line with the highest point of your eyebrow and run to the back of your head. Comb hair back from the left and right of your part.

3. The rockabilly quaff

Man with stylish rockabilly haircut

A stylish quiff also suits younger men.

Now we’re getting extravagant! In this retro styling, all focus is on the bangs. Bangs must be teased up after blow-drying, then fixed with hair gel. Smooth sides with a little hair gel and comb down.  

Keep your rockabilly look in place

Once you’ve styled the perfect rockabilly look, fix it with hairspray so that it withstands wild rock ‘n’ roll days (and nights). Throw on your leather or denim jacket and go rock!

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