A brunette man wearing a sports jacket, glasses and hair styled back with a shaved side part that disguises the beginnings of a receding hairline
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Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines: The Best Tips & Tricks

Hair loss, sparse hair growth, receding hairlines… men have their hair woes, too. Out of desperation, many resort to drugstore remedies, colored hairsprays or consider hair transplants. But there’s a much more natural way to solve this problem: With the right hairstyle! We’ve got the right look for every man

Most people don’t know the reason for pattern hair loss, which can affect even young men.  The male sex hormone DHT is to blame for the misery. It develops from testosterone – and it’s exactly this hormone that hair is hypersensitive to. If there is an excess of it, the hair falls out faster, resulting in bald spots and a receding hairline. The hair grows back, but increasingly thinner, until only fuzz remains – or nothing at all. Most of hair loss occurs around the temples and forehead, where blood circulation is lower compared to other regions of the head.


You don’t have to give up on your hair completely just because of a creeping widow’s peak. With the right hairstyle, you can haul your receding hairline stylishly into shape!

Hairstyle for receding hairlines: The sharp shave

The easiest way to create a stylish look with a receding hairline is to wear all of it very short or even shaved. The buzz cut is the last salvation for the advanced receding hairline. The modern, hip haircut boasts near-perfect performance when it comes to visually reducing bald spots. The transition from shorn hair to no hair is easy, because this hairstyle is super short, even allowing the scalp to show through a little. Another plus: No styling products are needed. In order for the cut to retain its shape, the buzz cut must be regularly recut to mere fractions of an inch. You can do this at home, but it’s better to put yourself in the hands of a professional who can cut your hair skillfully to mask any bumps in your head.

Hairstyle for receding hairlines: Short and sweet

Another way to step out in stylish confidence with a receding hairline: The right styling. Is your hair a little longer than buzzed? Then cut the sides shorter, and leave the top a little longer. This cut offers different styling options to put you into the limelight. One option: Define the hair with wax or gel for a spiky-haired look. Switch it up by combing the bangs/front section forwards across the forehead. Keep it tousled and feathery to ensure you don’t look like you’re trying to hide anything. Stand by your receding hairline!


If you still have reasonably dense hair on top of your head, you can grow this longer and have your hairdresser cut you hip bangs. Men with straight hair can wear cool Britpop bangs styled casually over their face. Curly haired guys can try a moderate undercut with a smooth graduation from short to longer around the face. The best thing to do is to have your bangs cut tapering to the middle – this shape is ideal for men with a high forehead and receding hairline. When styling, simply style bangs forward across your forehead with your fingers. Hair powder helps create instant extra volume, making hair look fuller, and a little matt-finish wax gives the look texture. High-gloss products, however, will make your hair appear thinner.

Hairstyle for receding hairlines: Long and interesting

Men who do not want to part with their long locks can still look very masculine, despite slight hair loss. One option is to let the hair fall well over the temples, cleverly concealing a receding hairline. Another option is the man bun. A man bun sees long hair tied back into a tight knot. Although it doesn’t hide a receding hairline, this style draws all the attention to your face. Add a full beard to the look, and no one will be paying any attention to bald spots on your forehead! For the man bun to look best, most of your hair still needs to be thick and full.


Styling tip: Experienced self-stylers can add styling cream for more volume on top of the head. This creates a hip look that will make areas of thinning hair disappear into the background. Even volume powder can function as a miracle cure, that makes mid-length hair look cooler and more casual to the extent that receding hairlines are forgotten.