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Formal Hairstyles for Men

Festive occasions and special events often require formal attire. Men are at an advantage because a dark suit or dinner jacket in the wardrobe will cover the basics. Suitable hairstyle choices are not quite as static or obvious because taste is in the eyes of the beholder. We show today’s well accepted hairstyles for modern gentlemen

Dressing up for an occasion is often a matter of respect for the host or the event. At all times, dressing up for men meant conforming to the standards of the day and careful grooming. Today, perfection is no longer an issue. Still, formal or festive attire and hairstyles should be tasteful, tidy, and appropriate. The hair should not be too wild, the beard should not be scraggly, and all shirt buttons must be closed. The male stars in our gallery show how to look like a gentleman.

Stylish Men Are Men with Courage

Business meetings, a dinner date, a wedding celebration or vernissage are all occasions, which call for formal attire and a well-organised appearance. This is mostly associated with the expectation of formal outfits in black or midnight blue. Wearing a dinner jacket is required if the invitation announces a ‘black tie’ event.

However, being stylish also involves including modern accents in your wardrobe and hairstyle as is appropriate for the occasion. Such choices are a colourful tie, a trimmed designer beard or a casually styled quiff. Today’s man has the courage to break a few conventions now and then. With a wink and a smile he does not hesitate to bring some colour to old traditions.