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Elegant Hairstyles for Men

How do men style their hair when they are about to attend a festive event? Here is the simple solution: Pile on the style elements a bit more lavishly and create more elegance, more style, and more lustre. A bold or subtle wave may add just the right focus and flair. We hope you are inspired by our photos of festive hairstyles for men and offer styling instructions

What makes a hairstyle intriguing for that special night or gala event? Is it the elegance, the style, the extra effort or a pleasing new hair element? Our answer is: All of the above! Have a look at the evening hairstyles in our gallery and join us in our search for the styling elements, which make all the difference. You may decide to use only one or the other hairstyle element. However, we suggest using them all. In terms of elegant festive hairstyles, more actually does help more.

The Parting

Straight partings increase the elegant flair of hairstyles for festive occasions. Ideally, your hair should still be a damp when you create the parting. Comb your hair back and part it with a styling comb. Now you are ready to style the rest of your hair.

Tip: Try parting your hair along a higher or lower line. You may also want to lengthen or shorten the parting.

Well-Groomed Hair

A reasonable level of perfection is important for festive hairstyles. Defined, accurately styled straight or wavy hair is far more suitable for celebratory or festive events than undone styles with strands of hair standing on end or limply hanging down. Use a comb to style your hair for an elegant look.

Tip: Use hair gel to create an elegant wet look. Hair wax prevents fly-away hair.


Shimmering hair always looks appealing. Hairstyles for special occasions would not be elegant without this soft healthy glow. The wet look is also very suitable for festive events. Make sure to pull all styling registers and use extra-gloss hairspray, hair oil, hair wax or hair gel.

Tip: Less is more! Styling products for extra lustre are best used sparingly. It is easy enough to add a little more if needed.

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