George Clooney with easy hairstyle for men: The Capri
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Easy hairstyles for men

Fact: it’s a rush getting ready to go out. Not just in the morning, it’s always the same! Who has hours to spend styling their hair before leaving for work or going out for the evening? Here are the best easy-care haircuts (and they also look good, obviously).

The best haircuts are the ones that look good but don’t need lots of styling. Sounds logical. But which men’s cuts are quickest and easiest? Take a look at these three examples:

The capri

This men’s hairstyle is a classic among cuts. No wonder. It’s timeless, stylish and very easy to get right. Its name comes from the holiday island of Capri, where it was very popular in the mid-Fifties. The top hair is long, it’s shorter at the sides and it’s smoothly finished. 
It’s so easy to style the capri. Just rub a nut-sized amount of gel wax between the palms of your hands to warm it and then stroke it through your hair. Important: make a side parting and comb your hair before the gel dries.

The quiff

A quiff is an easy-care haircut because it’s easy to style and looks good. The sides are very short and the hair on the top of the head is much longer. This style works particularly well for men with natural waves. Once you’ve washed your hair, all you have to do is apply some curl balm into the longer hair and leave it to dry naturally or blow dry, using a diffuser.

The surfer look

Men with chin-length hair have got it pretty good. It takes them no time at all to style their hair and just looking at them makes you think of vacations, beaches and surfboards. Younger men look best with this style – from around 40 it quickly starts to look like a mess. To get the look: just spray a texturizing hairspray over wet hair, to give it the required style and hold. Let your hair dry naturally or flip your head upside down and blow dry. This style works best when your hair looks styled but casual. And to freshen up the look, just tousle your hair with your fingers a few times a day. Couldn’t be simpler!

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