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Current hairstyles for men

The modern man has mastered one above all other things: Playing with style! A long top layer of hair, wild curls or a fleetingly styled fringe – all that is currently gracing the heads of the masters of creation. Creative spirit and a personal touch are essential here

In 2015/2016, man becomes the absolute style expert, discovering his passion for tasteful hairstyles with that certain something! The top layer of hair is not worn to the back or side as usual, but styled low on the forehead to just above the eyebrows – seen at the Craig Green show in London (photo top).

Our image gallery shows you what other hair looks rank at the very top of the best styling list.

Gallery: Current hairstyles for men

Current hairstyles for men: street style


In Milan and Rome, men wear beards à la carte

If you are missing the obligatory beard from our image gallery, have no fear – in the fashion metropolises of Milan and Rome, we discovered casual beards on distinctive men! One thing is clear: From the sleek businessman to the informal metropolitan hunter to the fashion victim – beards are for every man. We show you how to properly care for the ever-popular beard with a few simple tips:

Proper care for the beard trend

Washing: Beards have to be washed daily! Ideally with warm water and a bit of shampoo. A leave-in conditioner supplies the beard with sufficient moisture after washing.

Trimming: Only a regularly trimmed beard – short or full beard – grows evenly and looks tidy.

Combing: Just like the hair on your head, beards want to be combed daily! Routine brushing makes all the hair lie in the same direction, preventing holes in the beard.

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