Liam Hemsworth with short haircut
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Contemporary and timeless: Short styles for men

Some men wear their hair long – but they’re the bold exception. Most guys stick to short hair. Boring? No way! Take inspiration in our wide range of short styles for men

Contemporary, yet timeless: Short hair for men persists long beyond short-lived trends. A good short cut can be worn season after season. Once a man has found the right cut, it can remain central to his look for years. But this doesn’t have to mean boredom. Short styles also offer plenty of scope for style. From the casual tousled look, to the elegant gelled style: There are numerous simple, classic, and yet modern options for men. The most important thing is to create a look which works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and for it to look just as good with a casual off-duty outfit as it does with a shirt and tie.

A short affair – or something more?

…that depends entirely on the wearer of the cut. Either way, at the beginning of a new hairstyle liaison there’s always great enthusiasm. For some, this enthusiasm lasts a lifetime, or several years – but for others, a new style can just be a “fling”, lasting mere months. Regardless: Here, we reveal potential hairstyle partners that are looking for a marriage of style just as much as they are a brief flirtation. Click through our gallery and choose your favorite. Whether it's a curly short crop à la Orlando Bloom, or a casual tousled look like Robert Pattinson – as much as these short cuts for men differ, they all have one thing in common: sheer styling simplicity. The only thing you’ll need in the morning: some wax, a comb – done! Well, that sounds seductive…