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Hairstyles for Shoulder-Length Hair

The perfect medium! Let the ends of your hair dance around your shoulders. That is where hair is reaching now. Mid-length is in again. And the trendy styles for shoulder-length hair are not long in coming. Here they are:

Long? Or short? Choose the middle way. Trendsetters are wearing their hair shoulder-length again. There are benefits to the trendy cut: Styling diversity! Layered or cut straight – when you go with the mid-length look, choosing a style depends mostly on your hair type. Fine or thick, we let you know what suits you:

Shoulder Length with Thick Hair

Go with lightness and try a snappy layered style (see photo above). Hair of different lengths avoids heaviness in the look as the ends rest lightly on the shoulders thanks to thinning the cut. Important: The various layers should be connected in a harmonious line. Extra tip: A long fringe makes the style edgy and modern.

Shoulder-Length with Thin Hair

Geometric or blunt cuts work especially well with fine, mid-length hair. Half-length hair leaves plenty of styling leeway, for example to experiment with fringes (see photo to the left). You should avoid feathered ends or heavily thinned lengths. Cutting the hair to one length makes the shoulder-length look appear full and structured. Style tip: Slight waves create even more volume and a classy effect!

To find out what other hairstyles to consider for the mid-length mane, visit our gallery:

From shoulder-length to wob style

No matter whether your hair is thick or thin, you can also style the mid-length cut into a trendy wob (wavy bob). Not in the mood for shoulder length? Curly waves pull your hair up far enough so you can wear a chin-length style for a change.

Star stylist Armin Morbach shows you how to create the natural-curl look in his video:

Video: How to style natural curls in your hair