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Five of the Best: Hairstyles for Mid-Length Hair

Not too long, not too short – just right. Mid-length hair enjoys the best of both worlds. This length of hair appears soft, feminine and flatters the face with subtle framing. It’s easy to care for and quick to style. We show you the most beautiful styles and reveal how easily you can recreate them

Hair that falls somewhere in between your chin and collarbone is perfect for anyone who loves quick, easy, yet varied styling. Mid-length hair meets two of the essential good hair criteria: Styling it is super quick, yet you look amazing when it’s done! Put fast, easy and stylish high on the agenda with our five-minute hairstyles. These trendy looks are perfect for mid-length hair and look trickier than they actually are.

How to style mid-length hair in a snap

Plan today, save time tomorrow. Do some styling steps the night before – for example, washing your hair. The practical thing: Hair is easier to work with the next morning than directly after shampooing, which means it’ll be easier to style – and hold a style for longer. 

No time to shampoo? Use dry shampoo. Hair is immediately refreshed and gains texture, which helps with styling. Dry shampoo can even add volume to fine hair.

Treat your hair to some beauty sleep by allowing an intensive treatment to work on it overnight. Serums, oils and other treatments can thus achieve an even more intensive effect, and that fresh, silky shine will benefit your style the morning after.

Want to get gentle waves and simultaneously protect your hair? Braid your hair at bedtime. Many small, tight braids will create a crimped look, while a few loose braids will give you soft waves. Then simply wake up, undo your braids, shake it out and finish with hairspray.

Optimum care for mid-length hair

Every length of hair has its “thing”: For mid-length hair, it’s caring for the ends. Because the hair sits on the shoulders, the resulting friction can stress the tips. The result: Split ends. Sun and salt water during the summer can dry hair out, too. Indulge your ends with an extra dose of care. Work special end treatment fluids and hair oil into the ends of your hair several times a week. What else you can do: Trim it regularly. 

Quick and gorgeous: Five hairstyles for mid-length hair