Hair Styling | Long hair

Styles for long hair

Rapunzel hair but fresh out of styling ideas? If so, let your hair down for the three trend styles: beach waves, top knot and halfback. We reveal what these hot looks are suited for and how you can easily create them yourself – step by step

1. Beach waves

Easy, natural, casual. Soft undone waves flatter long hair, making it appear fuller and, combined with a centre parting, lend the perfectly imperfect charm à la française. The best thing about that: While beach waves have a relaxed nature, they are also classy enough for on the job or going out in the evening. Not to mention that the beach waves hairstyle also gives you a holiday feeling. Even in winter!

Styling instructions

1. Apply a hazelnut sized amount of mousse to towel-dried hair. Then form a centre parting and blow-dry the hair.

2. Distribute heat protectant through your hair, then separate it into three sections of the same size and temporarily secure them with a hair elastic or clip.

3. Start with the first section: Take out the clip and then wrap strand after strand around a preheated curling iron.

4. Attention: Do not start curling from the bottom or ends of the hair. Start at the top instead and wrap the strand around the curling iron. Leave out the ends of the hair during curling to create a natural effect.

5. The trick: Do not apply the curling iron for too long, after all you want waves rather than curls.

6. Do the same with the other two sections and then let the hair cool down.

7. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls.

8. For the typical beach look, apply salt spray to the style and then carefully knead the hair.

2. Top knot

Styles for long hair

The high hair knot in the undone look is currently also seen at fashion shows (here with the Judy Wu label)

Sometimes you are in a hurry! As beautiful as an XL mane may be, often you just want to quickly, simply and easily tie your long hair back in everyday life. But how about a new direction? The top knot, which is among the hippest hairstyles of the season, is tied up. The extremely high chignon in the messy style is extra cool for instant chic. And really easy to style:

Styling instructions

1. For extra grip, knead a tennis ball sized amount of mousse into your towel-dried hair. Then blow-dry your hair.

2. Comb the hair over your head with a brush into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic.

3. Generously loosen the ponytail to create the undone effect.

4. In the final step, twirl the ponytail into a chignon and secure it with another hair elastic or hair clips. Make it casual!

3. Halfback

Styles for long hair

Eye-catcher: The halfback style is made for long hair – and long nights

From a stylish dinner party to a boisterous night at the club – the halfback is the ideal companion for exciting evening hours. With hair half gelled back you appear elegant, sexy and extravagant all rolled into one. For the clean chic of this style, simply note the credo of our hair expert Armin Morbach: 'Styling: Yes. Knick-knacks: No!' Reduce the trend look to no more than a few skilfully placed bobby pins and loose waves in the open lengths.

Styling instructions

1. Spread mousse through your hair at the hairline and blow-dry it out of the face.

2. Rub hair gel between your fingers and then spread it from the hairline to the back of the neck. A fine-toothed comb is ideal for even distribution.

3. Knead some salt spray into the lengths to give the hair a grippy, wavy-soft texture.

4. Secure the style with hairspray and secure the top hair which has been gelled back with hair pins at the back of the head. Ideally exactly where the wet look transitions to the ungelled lengths.