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Star Signs and Hairstyles

Aquarius is open to new things, Sagittarius goes his own way, Virgo stays true to herself ... Not only do we tell you what is written in the stars, but also which hairstyle suits your zodiac sign best. Our hair horoscope has the right style prediction for every star sign

What does your star sign have to do with your hairstyle? Simply everything! The various characteristics of the earth, water, fire and air signs offer revealing insights about one’s mane.

Hair styling by horoscope: We present the perfect hairstyle for every star sign in our gallery.

Styling Instructions for Hairstyles by Star Signs

The hairstyles of the various star signs leave no wish unfulfilled. Here you will find an overview of hairstyles from Aries to Pisces, which you can do yourself:

: How to create the perfect messy look

Taurus: Glamorous retro hair and how to style it

Gemini: The different sides of the tuck-in style

Cancer: How to style the sleek look with your hair

Leo: Hairstyling instructions for updos

Virgo: Quick check: Does short hair look good on me

Libra: How to smooth your fringe

Scorpio: All about the micro-fringe

Sagittarius: All about the under-cut

Capricorn: Hairstyle psychology and styling – the parting

Aquarius: Hairstyles in the wet look

Pisces: How to make a crown braid