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Our Favorite Long Hairstyles for Men

More and more men are wearing their hair long, with hair ties becoming as indispensable to guys as they are to girls. Use one to create a ton of looks, from a man bun to a half-up hairdo. We also reveal how to wear your long hair down, with style – without spending hours in front of the mirror

Long hairstyles have become a guy thing. Long hair can be sophisticated, unique or downright cool. What the following long hairstyles have in common is that they’ll win you over with how easy they are to do!

What’s cool about long hair for men

Long hair for men is still considered something a little different. It’s an escape from the standard of short haircuts – longer hair gives you a chance to show off a little. Think shaved sides that are only revealed when you style your hair into a bun, or a particularly elegant, smooth look for the office. Your everyday mantra should be: the more authentic, the better. So don’t overdo the styling – keep it down to earth and undone.

Create just about any long-haired style with a single hair tie

Side-view of a man with long, dark brown hair worn in a ponytail

Playing sport or hitting the gym? Tame your lengths with a hair tie.

Since most long hairstyles for men can be styled with just a single hair tie, this is a styling must-have for every long-haired guy. Increasingly, you’ll find hair ties that will suit masculine styling. Color is critical. Want to keep it subtle and inconspicuous? Choose an elastic to match your own hair color (i.e. brown, black – or beige for blonds). It’s especially advisable to go for a neutral color if you’re tying your hair back for work. To avoid getting an ugly kink in your hair, a spiral hair tie is your best bet. When you undo your hair later, it’ll be just as smooth as before you tied it back. A hair tie will enable you to style just about any long look, from a simple pony to a half-bun – and of course, the classic man bun. When playing sports, a hair elastic is essential – no one wants sweaty locks getting in the way of a goal! Just scrape your hair back into a quick messy man bun and kick off.

Only use hair ties that don’t contain any metal joins – the metal can damage your hair.  

Check out our image gallery to discover great long hairstyles you can try out:

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