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Beautiful Hairstyles of Stars at the Berlinale 2014

The Berlinale is a magnet for international stars. The film festival gives them an opportunity to put their best foot forward and show their professional achievements. The city of Berlin with its brilliant lights and unique style is a fitting stage for the festival and the stars. As the final celebrations of the Berlinale ended we gathered for you photos of stars with beautiful hairstyles. You may like to try one or the other of these hairstyles yourself

The Berlinale impressed by attracting so many international stars and through movies on topics of great interest and scenes appealing to the emotions of the audience. Stars with beautiful wardrobes and hairstyles are a natural part of the festival. If you hoped for extravagant (and possibly not quite so professional) looks you must wait for another opportunity. The stars at the 64th Berlinale preferred the beauty of plain styles and elegant understatement.

Hairstyles of Stars

Actress Mélanie Laurent’s fine hair moves in expressive waves

French actress Mélanie Laurent entered the competition for the coveted 'Golden Bear' with the movie 'Aloft' in which the played the leading character. The drama revolves around responsibility, radical beginnings, and the never-ending search for new experiences. At the 64thInternational Film Festival in Berlin, the actress presented herself in the same vein as the character she played in the movie. During the daytime, she remained within her role with serious ease, her blonde hair playing around her face in casual waves (left photo). In the evening, Mélanie Laurent changed to a slightly more festive romantic semi-updo (photo above).

In our video, hair expert Armin Morbach demonstrates how to create large waves and curls, which show a lot of movement.

We hope you enjoy our photos of hairstyles, which captivated us at the Berlinale 2014. You may like to try out some of the hairstyles yourself.

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