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Barrettes, Hair Clips & More – A Brief Product Guide

Which little helpers are used with what hairstyle? We clarify and tell you how to use these small accessories correctly for pinning, tying and styling

Practical, stylish, indispensable: Barrettes and similar styling aids are THE tools for the perfect hair look. Before we reveal which little helpers are best used with what hairstyle, here is a brief product introduction:

Bobby Pins

Decorative and practical: Bobby pins for all needs

Bobby pins top our list for good reason since these practical hair clips are super handy: They pin back small strands in next to no time or attach hair accessories to the mane. With a bit of finesse, the pins can even become works of art. We show you what that looks like >> Bobby pins: The essential hair accessory

Features: One smooth and one serrated side, made of metal. Rounded, plastic-covered ends to help protect the hair.

Application: Not the smooth side but the serrated one belongs down. Why? The uneven edges adapt to the shape of the head especially well, for improved hold.

Hair Pins

Cheater: Hair pins for updos

Hair pins are the silent manipulators among the styling tools, ideal for invisibly pinning back or securing strands and braids. They also serve as perfect support for updos. Their slim shape and straight, tapering ends allow them to be bent into the desired shaped depending on the hairstyle and application. 

Features: U-shaped and with symmetrically serrated sides, tapering smoothly towards the end. 

Application: Pull the ends apart slightly and only slide the pins halfway into the hair at first. Then: Turn once and make them disappear entirely. 


Quickly secured: The fast hair clip

Barrettes fared really badly regarding the trends of the last few years: Dismissed as uncool and dowdy, these clips are actually hair geniuses. With a simple movement, the serrated clip snaps closed and comfortably holds the hair without pulling. The styling tool can also be taken seriously again when it comes to matters of style. More about that in our gallery.

Features: Elongated clip with interlocking teeth and tension spring.

Application: Hold back a section of hair, open the clip and slide it in, let it snap closed, done!

Hair Clips

Beautifier: Hair clips to upgrade your style

The genius of the hair clip: It makes any hairstyle an eye catcher! Round, triangular or rectangular – these decorative accessories are available in many shapes and colours. Metal hues like gold and silver come out especially well in hair, lending timeless beauty.

Features: Decorative design and secure spring closure.

Application: Open the closure, slide the metal bar under the hair and let the spring snap closed again.  For extra hold: First tie up the section of hair with an elastic and then put on the clip.

For styling ideas with these small and big helpers, visit our gallery.

Barrettes, Hair Clips & More:

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